Thursday, 10 February 2011

The funniest & most retarded message I've ever had on YouTube Part 2


Re:u anti-england wank stain

'Thats a shame...I enjoyed the last one'

U DONT HAVE A RIGHT TO RESPOND TO ME LIKE THAT U LITTLE PEISH. im gonna make sure with the help of my nationalist friends who are english and welsh + on youtube soon that ur online life will be shit hell. we will troll u until u smash ur computer up and it no longer works init

i have been SPYING on u. when u are on blog tv. u dont need to be logged in to view the show u mong. and i hvae watched u make a load of shit up about the edl and cover it up as a load of gold. its NOT GOLD ITS SHIT. UR SHIT. UR FANS ARE SHIT. u are talking proof that shit can live.

ur a pile of shit that loves muslims. u shold become a scientific study of muslims loving piles of shit

u CALLED ME hate mail. this is NOT hate mail. THIS IS HATE PERIOD. we the edl and all its brothers hate ur fucking guts and want u to die. it would make it a fuck load easier to get those paki nonce out of the way of whiteness if u got ur dick out of the tits of muslim girls

u keep calling us racist. fuck u, little privk. we are not racist cos muslim is not a race just cos some pakis arnt muslim and i dont mind em. most pakis are thou so its not racist to hate most pakis. if i was racist id be sucking ur penis cos ur white.

u said u will not shut up. you WILL shut up, WE WILL make YOU SHUT UP, and u will want to SHUT UP once we are done with U.

sharia LAW is islam and muslims way to encourage pretty pretty pretyy INSANE documents. not national values. reduces internal road u into a political into merchants looks dance on. 

its important to interview the edl and meet our needs demanded.

my flat is being repaired from a paki who threw a briick thru my window thanks to twat pots like U

im poor?? um... yah im working class that means im better than u regardless of money i have to spend on cider.

u have the same read right but u have too much cunt in ur blood (prob muslim) to be a white british person. so there !!!!

i hope u get killed in a talking car crash that killed kissing mishaps ONLINE that you have been doing spastic looking. obvious prostitiute

u had to read a hopelessly included i think you can and fucking idiot on a return it to look

islam has got u by the balls mate. will keep sink usually cos u see people who have buckinham

ur opinoins on islam are not facts their opinions. if they were facts they would be right.

one day when a gun with a paki muslim pedo behind it says im gonna kill u cos of sharia law. that will be the day u will join the edl


  1. Wow, what a stupid cunt. But that's the EDL for you - uneducated self loathing angry fuckwits

  2. LOL that's just fuckin epic :p

  3. wow I didn't know guns could speak and announce their intentions. The NRA is wrong! Guns do kill people and they're joining the stealth jihad!!


  4. Holy shit. I didn't know people could become this ignorant.

  5. Wow. I can't even understand some of this... and a few times it seems like he's just throwing random words together. "u had to read a hopelessly included i think you can and fucking idiot on a return it to look" ...What?

  6. Yeah.. he seems like a good representative of the EDL

  7. Ahh hate mail. As long as they keep it interesting, I don't mind it. It provides minutes of amusement that people like this are walking around without a helmet. I always wonder what wacky hijinx their lives are filled with, with view points, and attitudes like that.

  8. It could at least have said thank you.Making you read all that drivel.

  9. Wow. English is a foreign language to me, and I think my English makes a lot more sense than this guy's. Seems the EDL doesn't care much about the slaughter of their native language, do they?

  10. -not national values. reduces internal road u into a political into merchants looks dance on.

    -Has anyone ever been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

    They actually make equal sense.

  11. I think people are just making fun now and ignoring the good points he made.

    I think coughlan had to read a hopelessly included. I honestly think you and that idiot on a return it to look too.

    Also it definitely will keep sink, usually anyway, because you see people who have buckingham

    Also we should not ignore the spread of talking car crashes that are killing mishaps online that coughlan has been doing online. Clearly prostitute.