Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The funniest & most retarded message I've ever had on YouTube

This message was brought to you by the YouTube user:

hello u miserable little bitch. 

i have made 50 odd new accounts to troll u with, u will know that the ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE will NOT surcumb to little twats like u who dont know the meanin of the word british.

being british is more than being born within the walls of a hospital u mong, its a pride that is growing that scum islam and islams pedo like u need to find out because we will own u till no tommorow.

ur the enemy of british workers and i hope u muslim pedo finds and fucks u and gives u islam aids. and then u will join the edl. but we wont want an aids infested muslim fucker lke u in our cause to wipe out muslim pedo aids donky fucking smeg stains like u and osama bin laden.

do research and ull find that islam is now MORE THAN 2% population. thats what the nazis started at. says stuff dunnit. u disliked the courageoeus young men who fight muslims from takin oiver and u want more burkas in our banks. u should die slow death at the hands of muslim dogs!!

u encoradge BROWN MUSLIMS to COME into the work place and steel jobs from the people who wanted them. 

they are also steeling britains SOUL.

u should be forced to take those jobs intead, cos u dont want them.

if u could see what islam and muslims is plannin behind the closed doors u would be the memebr of the EDL before u were born or even sperm. the plan to islamize britain and the west has been in effect since 2000BC and continus to this day. they are getting closer to a sharia socitety cos of twats like u. fuck off the to another country and leave britain to british people, not peiple like u who are british in birth right ONLY.

there is no brown in the union jack. only white (ENGLAND). red (WALES). blues (SCOTLAND).

ur the emeny of the working class. take your middle class cigar chomping tory values towarrds arabia away from us, cos britain is a workers class that will always be against tory cunts like u, you horrid little twat piece of politically correctness commie.

come to bradford and u wont come out. i have a baseball bat that i named after my father.



(apparently he has 50 accounts...we've only just begun)


  1. So did he name his baseball bat Not Known or was he honest and called it Mohammed?

    Bradford, apparently so good that if you ever go there you wont want to leave


  2. most of the comments i've read from EDL supporters/members shows me one thing, they're fucking awful when it comes to spelling.

  3. My LOL of the day. Thank you.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. So the take over of Britain was planned by a relgiion about 3,300 years before it actually existed?

    Those damned time-travelling Muslims!

  6. Prodge, exactly what I was going to say was "Britain" even around 3000 years ago?

    But yeah, the sheer amount of fallacies in this made me die a little inside to think that someone was retarded enough to think that The Dick would be stunned into speechlessness from his (imagined) eloquent rhetoric and flawless logic.

    Yup, EDL's retards in action.

  7. How can this cunt not know the difference between a Torry and a Communist?

  8. To call yourself British, shouldn't you be a bit more eloquent in its language?

    Looking at his account name, he's likely 28 years old and writes like a 13 year old script kiddie.

  9. Maybe we're being unfair...
    It could just be that his keyboard is broken; and his dictionary is broken; and his thesaurus is broken; and his fingers are broken; and...

  10. Forgive me, but what exactly is a Torry?

  11. It was nice of him to invite you to Bradford for a nice game of rounders despite your differences though :P

  12. What a horrible evil racist letter.

  13. He must have been dropped on his head as an infant.

  14. I'm wondering if he might be the same guy that exposed the muslamic ray guns.

    Or are they all so eloquent?