Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Well he sure told me....part 2

From my Canadian Nazis video
Comments made bye user

Yeah but fucking idiots like you have no idea of how whites are truelly feeling.
You see we are not all drug fucked white morons like this raving bloody lunatic.
It will not take to much to turn those White Teaparty supporters white nationalists.
Especially the more they become awakened to the actual discrimination whites are openly getting now..Lowering standards for blacks to get into the police force,university hate crimes not being eligible for black on whites victims of crimes etc etc
What a fucking drug fucked moron.
Typical cultural marxist drug fucked idiot.
200 drug fucked left winged cowards given drugs and money to attend these anti racist rallies.Otherwise they wouldnt bother.
Drug fucked cunts like this raving bloody lunatic are exactly what their puppet masters call them.ie USEFUL FUCKING IDIOTS.
You look like a herion addict you empty marxist scumbag.
Wasnt it you cultural marxist scumbags wearing the FACE SCARVES HIDING YOUR FACES.
I can show you my face
Your not a fucking hero showing your face dipshit, your a fucking heroin addicted idiot.
Anybody can have a drug fucked rant on youtube and look like a complete fuckwit.
Congratulations you drug fucken marxist cunt, your top of the class.
Your just as fucking ignorant and brainless like the fuckwit of woman your trying to defend.

You gotta admit...he does have a point

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