Monday, 21 March 2011

Well he sure told me....

The following test is from a DrinkingWithBob fan that was made on this video

It was made by the user

Coughlan616 : If I had to venture a guess , I would say that you are the gay muslim pedophile. You are just like the many , who have been fooled into thinking that a religious person is more trustworthy than a non-religious type person. You are absolutely wrong. When you realize that it is a reality that Obama used money to buy votes , and even actually ended up paying into groups that turned out to be whore houses in the process - you'll come around MAYBE. Facts you say?
While I am on the subject of facts : It is a fact that Obama lived directly across the street (and was involved businesswise with) from a man who is doing time for fraudulent business practices (multiple convictions - like 20) and alike. In CHICAGO , Obama was living across the street from a man who's front yard looked like a unmaintained graveyard. Obama "was diagnosed twice as being a nutjob - cuzz he threatened to kill his wife for real". She had to call the cops to put him away TWICE.
Obama is without a criminal record only as a result of his wife not pressing charges against him. He was a lawyer? While you prefer this type of pathetic leader to be at the helm , think about what it would be like if people were able to do whatever they wanted , based on the fact that family was involved - as that is exactly what the Muslim race believes in. Look the other way , she's MY WIFE. Obama is old school Mafia of the Black Community , where these wopps were all arrested eventually.
I'm not surprised that you don't like DWB - as you haven't the experience it takes to see these bastards for what they really are. Just a bunch of cheating liars , who will eat your lunch if you let them. I'd feed them their own foot. Don't let the suggestion of money fool you either - as it's an old , old trick - if you haven't the background to apply the truth. I see you look like you can't afford an earring or 2 to back up your impossible dreamstate. Yurr a wanker living in the dark.

Well I guess I just got pwned eh?


  1. Whoah? You really have to fucking work at it to make a Birther lool sane

  2. I'm sorry, is he criticizing Obama for living across the street from someone who had an unkempt front yard? What?