Monday, 9 January 2012

The funniest & most retarded message I've ever had on YouTube Part 4

From the legendary Zalmere1000

u slag
hello u slag LOL bet u forget about me didnt u well i aint forgot about u nooo way mate i been thinking long and hard about what u will be doin against me and english main and i dont like it and neither should u cos ur born into these walls u must defend them init

u dont defend them = ur a traitor and be feed to the islam wolfs from beond british CASTLE.......... if u dont get what im sayin u are a fuckin idiot

bet ur dick is gay init lol

an all LOL and not gay just pointin it out ffs u shit man has the shut up aboutj the shit u talk about cos U HAVE NOT A CLUE why not just give up and hang urself til it sinks in that u have no RIGHT to be british like me and EDL unite against ANTI uk like u it startin to get colder now weather will start winter ok

seriousy mate DIE u are ruining the UK with ur idiot shikt u spew like u do and it aint on.... i been away from internet so doing important shit and i am back and u better watch out i still live in bradford lol so be commin dont in here u gay slag

u open door to muslim they blow it up u open window to muslim they blow it up u open anything to muslim they blow it up do u see the pattern i hope so cos this pattern has meanin AND WHEN U SEE IT u will stop being dumber that a dog can see it

do u niot see u are helping islams cause for BOYCOT of british culture andd nothing more these things are DOCUMENTEED in law and prooved so take it up with the police init not u

go pee on a paki not ur own country my advice init u beta take it or be sorry later u like to joke about edl u find funny but u dont care about england? that is a joke HAHAHA to me that u dont care u a sick cunt and i hope u die horrible

ELECTRONS are allready active and u will see soon 5 years time THERE ARE GOING TO SHIT IS GOING TO HAPPEN just u wait and see THE ELECTRONS

et over urself u fat twat u would nt last 5 second without ur shit around u so pipe down and quit messin with us wait till u see SHARIA LAW active in u street with mobs comin down on u like bricks fuckin hate u slag

i will never surrender!!!!!!! the electrons!!!!

im going shopping now so fuck off u sex


  1. I wonder if this person wrote this in his native language and then ran it through the Babelfish translator.

  2. wtf?..fucker didnt go too school did he? hey edl retard try typing next time instead of just punching the keyboard during one of your tantrums.

  3. Don't know if I can be bothered with the electrons, cause I can't really see much difference between the party-cles. They are all just spin, spin, spin 1/2, spin.